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A Fashion Blogging, Copy Writing, Celiac on a Budget.

5’1.  Reader. Writer. Lover. Coffee Drinker. Greenville SC City Dweller. Midwestern Transplant. Dual Degree Holder (Creative Writing & International Relations). Humanitarian. Italian speaking Native American. Gluten Free Fanatic. Pool Shark. Eyebrow Enthusiast. Murakami Fan Girl. Feminist. Gym Junkie. Post-Post Modernism. Poet by Trade. Magical Realist by Happenstance. Asyndeton Advocate. Ampersand Exponent. Copy Writer. Brand Strategist. Social Media. Brand Development. Blogging. Journalism. Trends. Research. Nuance. Broke as a Joke. “Coffee is for Closers.”



“Love What You see in the Mirror & Start Every Day with a Mimosa”

This blog is a personal/lifestyle blog filled with the things that make me, me. My style is edgy, and filled with an enthusiastic mix of print, texture, pattern, and shine. I love neutrals and color with an equivocal passion, and I will never aim to be trendy. I’m anything but basic. I’m a fashion obsessed member of the literati, and I value the writing on this blog as much as I value the imagery. I hope you love it as much as I do.

I believe in finding style over fashion. I believe in body positive fashion. And I believe in challenges. Here’s to fashion that pushes the envelope of pretty. Here’s to writing that refuses to be cliché, and here’s to all the women (holla at my fellow millennials) gunning for the corner office before they’re 30 — whether that office is traditional or in the back corner of your local coffee shop. Here’s to Mirrors&Mimosas, and reader — here’s to you.



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