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“We Read to Know We are Not Alone.”
— William Nicholson

Hey there Mimosa Girls! So, if you read this blog, you know that in addition to fashion, food (cheese and mimosas lets be real, and tacos duh), you know that the actual writing of this blog is really important to me.

Thanks Leandra (shout out Man Repeller) for inspiring me and reminding me to stay dedicated to that. So, I can tell you right now, that adding a weekly What I’m Reading to the blog is going to be a new thing, in addition to some other content.

I think it’s time to diversify this blog’s portfolio, so in addition to your weekly Mimosa fashion post– and yes there’s a pretty nice giveaway coming to the blog next week, I’m going to be adding more content that feels true to myself, like the books, but also information on things like branding. If you haven’t read my about me, then let me tell you, I have a day job — which is why managing a blog can be difficult sometimes. But, during that day job I get to spend my day writing and being creative! I work at an agency as a Brand Strategist/Content Developer/Creative Director type, and that work has inspired me to bring some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned in the industry to this blog. So, be on the lookout for posts on branding, creating a blog, and other great creative know-how’s.

But, without further ado, welcome to my first What I’m Reading, introducing Hex by Sarah Blackman. This book is an undiscovered magical treasure put out by FAVE small press, FC2. FC2 is a balling press that publishes very artistic, creative, non-traditional fiction. This book is an amazing exploration into Fairytale, myth structure,

language and the South. It incorporates Native American myths and myth structure — which, as a Native kid myself — I love. I’m also a fairytale freak, and this book is absolutely beautiful in the way it weaves story and reality to create the narrative. The narrative itself is beautifully crafted, and is incredibly language driven. The story also features wonderfully developed characters, including Alice (this story’s teller) Thingy (whom the story is largely about) and Ingrid the Second (aka the daughter of Thingy). The way the chapters work is also incredibly interesting, each chapter is its own standout fairytale. If you’re a fan of beautiful, complex language, fairytales, or good books run out and get this novel right this second, you’re seriously missing out if you don’t read it!

The second book that I want to bring to this post is Night at the Fiestas which is a short story collection by Kristin Valdez Quade. I love short stories, their succinct communication and their ability to create a whole world in twenty pages or less. This collection is filled with stories of dreamers, schemers, family trauma, race, heritage, and loss to name only a few. I highly recommend grabbing this collection, trust me — your morning train ride, lunch break, or free time is about to get a whole lot better.

Also in this post are the items that keep me sane, my planner, which is how I content map, an idea notebook, a pencil case to hold my creative tools, and of course, a killer pair of heels. I’ve been loving this silver pair lately because they’re a great way to add a femme edge to a masculine outfit. I’m talking olive skinnies (hello you need these) a bomber or leather jacket, and these shiny bad boys. You’ll be the best dressed librarian on the block.

That’s all for now! Now shop these sick reads, these killer heels, and tune back next week!



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