Summer Fallout

(at the moment he discovered champagne)

“Come Quickly, I Am Tasting the Stars.”
— Dom Perignon

It’s August twenty-first, which means we’re inching quickly towards sweater, leather leggings, and sit by the fire weather. It means we’re a week away from my baby brother’s twenty first birthday (hell yeah), and moving to my favorite holiday (Halloween), and the blessed season of layering (praise).

So this week on the blog I’m putting up a transitional outfit, bridging the gap between summer and fall as they battle out it for control, summer begging to hang on, and fall roughly pushing it aside. Another fun thing about this outfit is that it’s completely made up of closet basics/staples– meaning these are workhorse items you can wear again and again.

Even though it’s still ungodly hot in good ol’ SC, summer temporarily retreated and provided for a weather that did allow me to wear this jacket and booties without wanting to melt.

Cargo/Utility/Military jackets are a, if not the, PERFECT transitional item for your wardrobe. A third piece is always the best way to make your outfit look more complete, and in this awkward summer vs. fall season I highly recommend a lightweight jacket like this. The olive color is perfect because it’s a neutral, you can treat it just like you would denim or leather. Pairing wise, the color functions exactly the same. If you haven’t already, I also recommend picking up a pair of olive pants, that can act as a staple in your wardrobe and as an alternative jeans. I love this pair, because they’re THE softest pant, p.s. they also come in petite.

Under the jacket I went with the ubiquitous summer item — a t-shirt. This shirt is super, super soft, and it also says Kale. Beyonce 7/11 anyone? It is the same brand after all. This shirt has quickly become a favorite of mine and is on pretty constant rotation.

The skirt is another wardrobe classic. It’s black and it’s got a bit of an asymmetrical hem. Because I clock in at a short ass 5’1, an asymmetrical hem is my best friend because it gives me a little bit more height. Usually I go with an a-line because I’ve got a lovely pear shape going on, but because this jacket’s hem drops below my waist I went with a body-con skirt so that I wasn’t adding even more volume on bottom.

I rounded out the outfit simple brown sunglasses, lots of gold hardware, and a beautiful suede, brown bag (mine is chloe, but I’ve linked a virtually identical item that’s only $200).

And, finally, completing the outfit was the item I built the outfit around — my shoes.

When assembling outfits (which, I always lay out a week’s worth of outfits on Sunday — it will change your life) I start with the shoes. You have to take into account the weather — will it rain and ruin my suede shoes? And then the practicality, i.e. am I walking all day, will I be sitting, etc. After I pick I shoe, I get to work on the outfit. These booties are my new obsession. Reasons Why:

A. They’re a Sock Bootie. Sock booties are so on-trend right now, and they’re a whole lot cheeper than the yeezy season 2 knit sock bootie. You get the same look as Kendall and Gigi without having to drop a grand.

B. The Sweet Embroidery. The minimal decoration on these booties really give them a leg up (haha) the competition. It adds more flair to an otherwise simple boot, without being so unique that it limits their usage.

Well folks, that about wraps up this week’s Sunday Mimosa! Make sure to shop the edit below and follow along on IG for daily inspo!

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