Savvy in Stripes

I am a huge stripe lover, any color, any stripe. On a trip down to Charleston, SC I couldn’t help but be inspired by the Southern class and charm, and of course, what better way to express that through a dress, of the striped persuasion!

I paired this high-necked, striped dress with a bright yellow/ethnic printed bag to give it a pop of color and print, as Stacy and Clinton always said, “color, texture, pattern, shine!” Try to incorporate these elements into your daily outfit and you’re sure to make one hell of an entrance.

I finished this beautiful structured dress off with a pair of sandals to keep it comfy when walking around the city, but don’t worry I had a pair of black stilettos ready to go for dinner!

Here is a great striped dress that’s sure to please, incorporating stripes and some great structural details. That might be my favorite thing about stripes, the way you can use them to enhance and shape your body. Pair it with this amazing beaded clutch and you’ll be killing it, no doubt!


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