Greenville Staycation

“When You Love Fashion, There Is No Weekend. Everything Just Blends Together.”
— Carine Roitfeld

This blog post is brought to you by cheese — specifically brie. It’s delicious, it’s creamy, and I spent all my money on this damn brie so I can’t buy other groceries. If you too want to eat some great brie head to Trader Joes and get the mushroom infused brie — it’s life changing.

If you aren’t interested in brie and you came here for fashion, you’re in luck! I am in fact not a cheese blogger, but if you follow me on twitter you might think I am. This Sunday the bae (LOL he hates when I say that) and I decided to do that whole romantically cheesy thing where you “date your hometown” or town rather, since we’re both transplants.

We started our day off with breakfast at Eggs Up Grill. I love this place because it’s downtown, spacious, and the icing on the cake — THEY HAVE A GLUTEN FREE MENU. My life is the sad life of a celiac, so GF pancakes get me all hot and bothered.

After our delicious plates of golden homefries, fluffy eggs, and syrupy pancakes, we meandered down towards the river, took some photos, acted like dorks — you know, touristy stuff.

For days like this, days you know you’ll be walking I recommend a low, block heel. This way your feet have more support than flats offer without the pain of sky high heels. I also love the idea of a jumpsuit for a day on the town because it’s pulled together, you don’t have to think about your pieces, and it’s chic. A jumpsuit is the best of both worlds: the chicness of a dress with all the versatility of pants.

This jumpsuit is from Anthropologie, because it’s the best store ever and I’m obsessed. Oh did I mention I style there? If you’re a Greenville girl make sure to drop by the store on Saturday afternoons and grab a style session with me! It will be sans cheese, however.

I finished this look with my favorite new gems a la Baublebar, and you can shop them here and here.

After the breakfast and walking we popped into a few shops, drank some coffee, and then we realized we live in the South and it’s freakin hot so we went to the pool. Make sure to follow me on the gram and keep up with me while I head to the beach this week! And coming soon, I’ll be LIVE blogging from NYC thanks to Elit Vodka (seriously it’s about to be a swanky weekend)!

That’s all for now. Shop the look below and make sure to check back next week!


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