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“I’m a simple girl. I mostly dress in black, because it’s easy. I drink champagne because it sits well. And I love very hard, because it feels right.”
— Mirtha Michelle Castro Mármol

Spring is here and in full bloom! And if there’s one thing that’s for sure, it’s that you’ll see a MAJOR style shift from me. My fall and winter wardrobe are very monochrome. I live in neutrals, in black in grey in shades of winter white.

I love neutrals. It feels simple, clean, and elegant. But spring and summer bring different tastes, different smells, colors. To me, these warmer months are months made for color, for flavor, for spice. This change is inherently reflected in my style. My hair gets lighter, my skin gets darker (Native and proud) and my style becomes more bohemian. It takes on colorful flair and daring silhouettes, so be prepared for a whole new look!

This look is simple and along the lines of my last “fall/winter style.” This look is composed of a beautiful silk dress that does all the talking. It’s an early spring look (that I may have forgotten to post oops). If you follow me on Instagram you know I update my IG blog pretty regularly, and sadly, my little webpage has fallen by the wayside. But, with new weather comes new energy and (re)-newed promises.

So here’s to me promising to be a little more regular! In addition to this fabulous dress I added a simple pair of heels, hey there Zara kitten heels — I am a creature of habit, and a gorgeous bag I picked up form Anthropologie over the Christmas season.

I like this look for its simplicity, a little touch of sparkle, print, and muted colors. It’s effortless and it feels rather Parisian to me. So, Mimosa Girls, here’s to a classic look and the last of the winter style. Summer — I’m coming from yah.

While my items have sold out, I’ve linked some visiually similiary pieces! Go ahead and scroll through below and I hope you fall in love! P.S. you’ll have to turn off your add blocker to view my content. Hop to it!


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