Tapas & Tinis with Euphoria Greenville

Euphoria Greenville, Tapas & Tinis style guide.

“Life is a party. Dress like it.” – Audrey Hepburn

Hey Mimosa Babes! First of all, can we talk about this beautiful new site?! I’m so excited to have re-launched my website and to be bringing you a bigger and better experience! And to start off this brand new website, I’m bringing you the Mimosa Girl’s & Guy’s Guide to what to wear to Euphoria Greenville premier summer event, Tapas & Tinis!

Meet Euphoria Greenville

Euphoria Greenville Logo

So, let’s start off by talking about what Euphoria Greenville is. Euphoria is everything food, wine, spirits, and music. It was founded by some pretty cool cats, we’re talking Edwin McCain and local restauranteur extraordinaire, Carl Sobocinski. Held every September, Euphoria brings the best the South has to offer right here to Greenville, and of course, it features many of Greenville’s culinary superstars. I mean, we’re talking dinners by Michelin Star Chefs and so much more.

Tapas & Tinis

Martini Glasses

This season, Euphoria is kicking off early with Tapas & Tinis on July 20th. You’ll experience music by Steel Toe Stiletto (they seriously rock), food from Chef Tony Schmidt, and drinks from Larceny, Tito’s, and Beckon Wines. But,  now that you know what the event is, and when it’s going down, it’s time to get to the most important part. What the heck are you supposed to wear?

Southern Cocktail

Think cocktail, but casual. Okay, but, what the heck does that mean for you? Traditionally cocktail is a bit formal. For the ladies, think a nicer dress and heels, for the men, slacks, a nice button down, dress shoes. But, we’re not talking any old stuffy jacket for our gents, our simple dresses for our ladies, we’re talking Southern Cocktail Attire for the one and only Euphoria Greenville! We’re updating cocktail attire so we don’t all melt in this heat, while still maintaining that little bit of dressed up vibe. I’ve put together an outfit for both the ladies and the gents as an example, along with a ton of options for you to shop! This way you can get in the mood, and grab the perfect outfit while you’re grabbing your tickets!

The Gal’s Guide

Hey ladies! Yeah…. Yes. Ladies. We need to talk about cocktail. It can be, well, confusing. Do I wear an LBD? Floor length? But isn’t cocktail knee length? Or what about tea length? I know. It’s a lot. Like a lot, a lot. But don’t worry, I got you boo. For the cocktail attire we’re going for midi, floor length, mini (mid-thigh, not micro-mini and yes girl, I miss college, too) are all fine. What matters here is the styling. Heels are a bit of a must, they don’t need to be major, and they can be wedges. And, an easy way to dress up a more relaxed dress is to pair it with nicer shoes, statement jewelry, like big earrings or a necklace, and a nice bag. Below, you’ll see a prime example of an outfit you can rock, along with a literal TON of options for you to shop!


1.) To shop the dress, click here. 2.) To score this mega cute bag, clicky clicky. 3.)Want the earrings (girl me, too) click here. 4.) And, finally, for those gorgeous shoes, click here. Or of course, on any of the images above.


Shop Dresses

Shop Jumpsuits

Shop the Shoes

Shop Bags & Gems

Shop All Gal’s Outfitting

The Guy’s Guide

So, what’s a guy to wear to Euphoria? I’ve got you covered. There are two options here for the men, the traditional blazer or sport coat with slacks or matching suit pants, or a fun and festive short sleeve button down with suit pants or slacks, dress shoes, and some killer accessories (think great sunglasses, a stellar watch, and a textured belt). Curious about your options? Take a look at the outfit example below, and scroll through your outfit options!

1.) Click here to shop the blazer. 2.) Click here to shop the trousers,. 3.) If you’re looking to snag that snazzy belt, click away. 4.) Or here for that dope AF pocket square. 5.) And, if you’re vibing on those tennis shoes, click to scoop them up.

Shop Suits & Separates

Shop Shirts

Shop the Shoes

Shop All Guy’s Outfitting



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