Better in Tandem

“Too Much of Anything is Bad. Too Muchchampagne is Just Right.”
— F. Scott Fitzgerald

As I’m sure you know, I love brunch. Brunch is a staple. Why you ask? Simple, I’m not a morning person and brunch loves me anyways. I hate waking up for eggs at 8 am when I could be sleeping (I excel at sleeping). That’s why I love brunch. Brunch doesn’t judge me for showing up at 12:30 in the afternoon still fully ready to consume eggs, waffles, coffee and bottomless mimosas, instead brunch welcomes me with open arms and the warm smell of sugared cinnamon buns well into mid-afternoon.

With my affinity for brunch and mimosas strong (hey it’s in my name right?) I knew a brunch post was a perfect collab with my new friend and local blogger Macaroons and Coffee. And, to make this brunch-tastic post even better, we dug into plates of crepes and delicious organic coffees at the absolute cutest spot, Tandem. No seriously, if you’re in the Upstate SC area and you haven’t checked them out yet, your soul is not complete.

I adore this place because it’s every Celiac’s dream (holla at that gluten free life). Not even going to lie, I ordered more than one. But you only brunch like once a week, am I right? I ordered a tiramisu crepe and a cinnamon roll crepe, and of course a sea salt caramel latte with almond milk (did I mention they can do dairy free too?) My lovely friend Tiffany opted for something savory, and my photographer, aka boyfriend of the year/century, snacked on two Nutella pretzel crepes.

Another reason I love brunch, seriously the list goes on, is for the style. Brunch dressing has its own set of rules or, rather, its own set of play. Brunch style is like advanced weekend dressing; you’re probably wearing an outfit that’s more advanced than a t-shirt and jeans but you’re also not wearing heels and last night’s bodycon.

Here, Tiffany and I, brought two different takes on brunch style. I’m wearing my favorite high-rise jeans a la Madewell, an on-trend off the shoulder top (stripes, stripes, stripes and a bow), and I paired it with a flirty heel and a bag that’s just plain fun.

Tiffany opted for a leather legging (we own the same pair, and I find that awesome and hilarious), a very to-the-moment sleeveless sweater, and wore a hat as her third piece to complete the look. She was also rocking some killer Quay shades.

To shop our looks, if you haven’t clicked on the links already, take a look at the goodies below. Once again, my sites not about that ad block life, so go ahead and whitelist my site or pause your blocker for now.

Shop the Look: Mirrors&Mimosas

Shop the Look: Macaroons And Coffee

Next time you’re in the market for something to do on your Saturday or Sunday, round up the homies, with the promise of not having to wake up early (and mimosas obvi), and head out to your fave, local brunch spot!

I hope this post gives you a little bit of that brunch style you’re looking for, and make sure to check back tomorrow for the next installment of Currently Coveting! Happy shopping!


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