Fancy Footwork

“The Real Proof of an Elegant Woman is What is on Her Feet.”
— Christian Dior

If there’s one thing I’m obsessed with, it’s shoes. Shoes complete an outfit , they add visual interest– they’re my favorite accessory. You probably just saw these shoes on my IG, and I am OBSESSED with them. They are so gorgeous in person and such high quality. The pompoms and such are made out of leather, meaning these babies are going to last. They’re also very true to size. I ordered a size six and they fit perfectly.

However, (sadly) these shoes are almost sold out, only size 6 & 61/2 are left. But you can sign up for a waitlist on the items and get an email when they are back in stock. Zara almost always restocks popular items, so I’d put my money on them coming back in the next week. They usually only do one restock though, so be prepared to pounce!

Knowing that summer is upon us and shoe lust is imminent and must be satiated, I’ve crawled the internet and wrangled up several other decked out sandals that should satisfy your craving. All of the sandals I’ve picked vary in price point, anywhere from 50-200 bucks. Happy shopping! And make sure to let me know which sandals you’re loving! To shop this look make sure you adblocker is off (go ahead and whitelist the blog ladies and gents) and simply click on the image!

Summer Shoe Showdown:

So tell me, what have you been loving lately? Feel free to comment on what shoes you’ve got to have or let me know what posts you’re dying to see!


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