Currently Coveting

“People will Stare. Make it Worth their While.”
— Harry Winston

This week on currently coveting I’m in total vacation mode, ’cause t-minus three days until it’s palm trees and fruity frozen drinks for me. In the meantime though, my shopping bug is still in full swing (even though I keep telling myself I’m saving for a camera) but more on that later.

Okay maybe not later, side not — I don’t own a camera! As you know (or maybe you don’t), my boyfriend, boo thang, man of the hour takes almost all of my pictures, the rest I cajole my coworkers / random street folks into taking for me. I have my heart set on the Sony A7II but I’m poor, so that’s a few months away.

Anyways, aside now aside, back to the clothes. Because my brain is already on vacay, I thought I’d share some of the things I’m currently coveting/buying when my paycheck hits my bank account at midnight.

Currently Coveting Numero Uno

So you may have seen this striped dress on the homepage, because it’s amazing and you need it, and I need it. Also, these flat-form espadrilles, can you say ‘looks like Chloe but without the wallet pain?’ I think so. Of course I included an off-the-shoulder dress (different from cold shoulder, which means a strap is on the shoulder, the sleeve is off), an adorable pair of flats, a slip dress with a twist, and the PERFECT beach bag.

Currently Coveting Numero Dos

On this second round up I’ve included two pairs of shoes by Soludos my new FAVE place to shop for shoes. Under 100 bucks, perfectly on-trend, and just plain gorgeous. Seriously, those rope gladiators are calling my name. Make them yours too. Not even going to lie, I’m also buying these lace up, yellow rope sandals with rose gold heels, because again– they look like Chloe but they don’t make my wallet cry (okay it still cries a little). These two dresses are flirty and perfect for summer weather, and the black heels are a great low block heel, and a more economical answer to the lovely Isabel Marant sandals I simply cannot have — cause I’m a millennial and I already spent too much money at Chipotle (broke remember).

Currently Coveting Numero Tres

Last but not least, the ultimate in vacation dressing and the ever so of-the-moment, I give you–the palm leaf! Yeah yeah I know, it’s everywhere, but it’s because it’s just too damn good. I’ve included two dresses, and the first one is wayyy under $100 (score). I linked the world’s greatest palm print pant, which you might have seen on the gram earlier this week, and a skirt of course.

Well, I’d say that about rounds up this week’s currently coveting, and I swear there IS a post coming this Sunday (it’ll be up at 10 A.M). But for now, I hope this will tide you over!


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