Summer Swing

“When in Doubt, Wear Red.”
— Bill Blass

I promised prints and here they are, signed, sealed, delivered — well, delivered at least. I am in LOVE with this dress (and it’s almost entirely sold out), but don’t worry I’ve linked lots of similar lovelies. I love this dress because of all the bright color work, because of the print, and because I’m a sucker for a good swing dress. Just look at the movement!

Fancy right? I love this dress because it’s a swing dress, but what does that mean you ask? A swing dress has swing, it’s probably the most fitted around the chest and flares out from there, creating a bell shape. I love this style because it incorporates movement, and because it’s universally flattering.

Often I find women shying away from this style of dress (holla at my pear shaped sistas), (second aside — I love the word holla), because they feel it adds bulk throughout their midsection, but that’s not true!

This shape is perfect because it creates a beautiful structure across the shoulders, hello collar bones, and the flare away allows you to show off your narrow upper body, while creating a lampshade effect, causing your legs to look thinner. This means that the stomach and thighs can be camouflaged. Not to say you need any camouflaging because you’re gorgeous and sexy as hell and all bodies are beautiful and we all have stretch marks, including Chrissy (Tiegan obviously).

But bodies aside, I love this style because it keeps you breezy, elegant, and ready to transition from day to night, whether you’re brunching, exploring Positano, or grabbing drinks with the girls. I paired this wonder of a dress with solid-black flatforms and my signature gold jewelry.

I felt so polished in this dress, and super confident. And confidence is what matters right? Well Mimosa Girls, here’s to getting into the swing of things this summer and to loving what we see in the mirror.

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