Recapping Euphoria 2018

“I feel the same way about clothes that I do about food. I want everything.” — Mindy Kaling

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How do I even begin to describe one of the most delicious weekends of the year? There was food. There was music. And there were plenty of drinks This was my first year at Euphoria, and let me tell you, it was an experience I won’t soon forget. Truly, it doesn’t get better than nights spent with great people, eating delicious things, while jamming to great tunes. For those of you that attended, tell me what your favorite event was! And for those of you that couldn’t make it, I’ll be giving you a brief play by play of my favorite events, along with next year’s must attends.

Euphoria Day One: That’s Italian

This dinner was incredible. And that’s not anywhere close to doing this meal justice. First of all, Jianna, is one of my favorite restaurants downtown. And this meal– prepared by the Executive Chef of Jianna, Michael Kramer, and guest chef Michael Toscano, of Le Farfalle in Charleston– was one of my absolute favorites. Below are pictures of this fantastic menu, starting with wine, oysters, and then an absolutely mind blowing, modern Italian meal.  And I truly have to commend both of these chefs, because they went above and beyond to replicate every dish, gluten free, just for me. Talk about hospitality and dedication to the art of cooking and guest experiences.

Euphoria Day Two: Taste of the South

After an amazing night of incredible food and wine, it was time to do it all over again, starting with a giant party! If I can recommend one Euphoria event to you– go to Taste of the South. Seriously, go. For $125 you get unlimited food and drinks by the finest talent the Southeast has to offer, and you get to listen to great bands, while hanging out with your friends. What could be better? I’ll tell you, nothing. Nothing beat the mood and experience of this night. It was festive, it was fun, and it was an all around bangin’ time. Just look at this food!

Euphoria Day Three: All the Events

Feast by the Field

After a day, and night, filled of fun, it was time to wake up and hit the festival again, starting with lunch at Feast by the Field. I was lucky enough to attend the pop up restaurant, Home Plate, which featured dishes by South Carolina’s chef ambassadors.Each chef prepared a family-style dish incorporating local produce and products to tell the story of southern food, of wholesome food, and of locally grown, sourced, and raised food.

Bubbles Bash

After this amazing plated lunch, it was time for wine! And a lot of it. Well, bubbles to be more specific. Next on the list was the Bubbles Bash, taught by Laurie Forster, The Wine Coach. She was hysterical, and knowledgeable, and walked us across the best bubbles of the world. And as a lover of champagne and rose, this seating really hit the mark.

Big Easy Bash

Next up? A quick trip to NOLA. Okay, not really, but you can certainly pick up the vibe I’m throwing down. This event was a party and a half! Filled with New Orleans style music, food, and cocktails. My favorite bite of the evening? It’s a tie between the amazing slushies from Slush Buddies  and the incredible seafood spread pictured below. Oh and did I mention that the evening ended with a New Orleans style party line?! Talk about a grand ol’ time.


Euphoria Day Four: Sunday Brunch: Fired Up!

Finally, sadly, and with a full belly, Euphoria drew to a close. But not until one last final bang, the Sunday Brunch! Yet again, the food was on point, the drinks were perfection, and the music kept us swaying in the heat. It was the perfect way to end an absolutely perfect weekend.

Until Next Year, Euphoria

I ate my body weight in food, consumed delectable cocktails, and saw my city in a whole new light–all thanks to the amazing staff at Euphoria, the incredible talent of the chefs and mixologists, and the all around wonderful people I got to mix and mingle with. So, would I do Euphoria over again? In a heartbeat. And I wouldn’t change a dang thing. Cheers to an amazing weekend. And to many more to come!



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