Print Mix Does The Trick

“Make Your Mark in New York and You are a Made (Wo)Man”
— Mark Twain

Hey there Mimosa Girls! First of, I’ve got some ‘splainin to do. As I said on IG, my life has been CRAZY hectic since returning, from work (can I get a holla at that agency/pr life), family, and a sickness I couldn’t shake. I don’t want to get all weepy, but I feel I owe you an explanation. So this post (packed full of NYC outfit pics) is also about my journey to get healthy. Don’t worry, I’ll inter-splice the drama with the pics.

About a year ago I noticed my body changing, gaining weight I was unable to lose. I decided it was time to get my butt to the gym and try to eat better. I’m already gluten free (were my celiacs at) and soon became lactose intolerant, which if you read my blog — you know I still have a soft spot for brie.

I worked out hard, ate mostly right (everyone needs GF cookies) and I noticed changes, I also had and still have the most kickass trainer in G-Vegas to help me. The initial changes were great, I was losing fat, gaining muscle and toning up. But things were still wrong. These past two months I was battling a horrible illness. Constantly sick to my stomach, fatigued, horrible migraines, and intense weight fluctuations — I’m talking 15 lbs in one week here. Nothing was working. I was losing my motivation. I knew it was more than a plateau.

I soon enlisted the help of a gastroenterologist and after many tests, we had found a solution. In combination to celiac, lactose intolerance, and an IBS diagnosis, I had been suffering from intense acid reflux. It sounds mild, everyone gets heart burn right? Well my esophagus and stomach lining were scarred and suffering from burn damage. Now that I’m finally on the right medications, I feel like a new person. My body isn’t constantly rebelling against me, I’m not always tired, and I’m seeing the changes I expected start to take effect.

(check out this sick cinemagraph yo — courtesy of pd.likeness)

Moral of the story I guess, it’s even better to feel healthy again, and I’m able to recommit myself to blogging. So if you were wondering what was up, I was always in the hospital, but I’m back! Thankfully, I have amazing friends, family, and a rock-star of a boyfriend who were here for me the whole way. Now, back to the fashion, aka why you’re even here, if you still are I don’t know.

This is probably my all time favorite outfit that i’ve ever worn. Like as a human. I’m BIG on the print mixing, holla at my stripes, and flowy things, and this outfit is even more dear to me because my twin sister helped me pick it out. Didn’t know I had a twin did yah? While these Olivia Palermo pants have sold out, here’s a pair that are virtually identical and UNDER $50.

Say what?!? This top is a Ralph Lauren polo from T.J Maxx — but here’s a similar one (although I bet you have one in your closet).

My New York adventure was only a few days long, and was all in thanks to Elit by Stoli– which is a bomb ass Martini Vodka, if you’re in the market for one, I recommend. Elit kindly arranged the weekend, along with the Marmara hotel on Park Ave– and let me tell you, I’ve never felt swankier. Check out this dope engraved bottle — also I got business cards. And you can shop the sunnies here.

Of course, we balled out for World Martini Day, which you probably saw on IG. And then I brunched with my lovely bestie, Caroline of The Freckled Life, and you should totally check her out. I wrapped up my stay and said goodbye to New York in this gorgeous printed dress, of which I’ve linked, and it was back to SC. Well, that’s all folks! Tune in later this week for a Currently Coveting, and of course your Mimosa.

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