Train Spotting

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life”
— Bill Cunningham

Ordianry is boring, and fashion provides the ability to be extrodinary, to wear somethign that makes you feel like a million dollars, like a superstar, that can make you feel invincible. I don’t believe in wearing boring clothes, I believe in wearing something, everyday, that makes me feel spectacular, regardless of what anyone else might have to say, I wear something that makes me feel unstoppable. And this jumpsuit is one of those pieces that I can put on, that makes me feel like nothing can touch me, like I am as invicibile as I could ever want to be.

I love the jumpsuit trend, and this is a piece I picked up while I was away on my Italian adventures. This jumpsuit comes from Zara in Florence, and is one of my alltime favorite pieces. I love the fact that this jumpsuit features a wide leg, it’s different from most of the jumpsuits we’re seeing, that feature a tapered leg, or a bell-like-flair. I love to take part in the trends of today, but always with my own twist, because what’s the point of fitting in, and wearing something everyone else is wearing? Grab a trend and make it your own, make it different!

I styled this jumpsuit with a few simple statement accesories, because i didn’t want to overpower the jumpsuit, or distract from it. I paired it with a thin black belt, a large silver cuff, cateye sunglasses, and of course a pair of mega-high stacked platform high heels (my absolute favorite pair of shoes) that i got from Asos.

Don’t be afraid to try new looks, or take part in new trends, but always make it your own, and wear it with pride. Salute — here’s to style!

Get the Look: Jumpsuit in a beautiful turquoise, and here’s a wide legged jumpsuit with an adorable sweetheart neckline! And here are the shoes I am so enamored with, get them now while they’re on sale, and before they’re gone!


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