Oh Captain My Captain

“The Joy of Dressing is an Art”
— John Galliano

So, let me start off this blog post by apologizing to all my Mimosa Girls out there. I’m in my last few weeks of my college career and it has been super hectic on my end (papers on papers on papers). So I’ve been handling it the Mimosa Girl way, with drive, dedication, and of course a drink in hand.

Now, moving on to the outfit! So, like this wondrous quote, I think that’s one of the best capabilities of fashion, its ability to make the mundane superb. Nothing boosts confidence quite like a pair of high heels and a great hair do, so with all these Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Spending Holiday’s about — TREAT YO SELF. Sometimes you deserve a reward, you work hard for your money, and its okay to get yourself a little somethin’ somethin’.

This outfit is one of my favorites; it’s warm, comfortable, and of course stylish. With the holiday season in full swing, that means cakes, cookies, and loads of gravy, and if you’re Italian like me, the home cooked food just keeps coming. For that reason, I love the boyfriend jean, it’s on trend this season, it’s massively comfortable, and it gives you that tiny bit of extra comfort if you (like me) might have over indulged at dinner, the cut of the pants is forgiving to that post-dinner pudge. The pair I’m wearing is from J Crew.

I styled my jeans with a pair of sky-high leopard print boots, being 5’1 means that in my book, it’s always a day for heels. I wore an oversized sweater with a very deep V, and layered it over a lacy bralet, to add a little bit of flash. I also wore on of my favorite coats, a wide cut, Navy style wool pea coat. I love the exaggerated lapels, and the detail on the buttons is gorgeous.

For sparkle I wore my favorite pair of pave stud earrings, a rose gold Michael Kors Chronographer watch, I also swore my favorite long necklace, a sort of tarnished gold tortoise shell piece from Madewell.

My other favorite part of this outfit is my new hair! I went about two tones darker, and I have my amazing stylist Cara Hoggood (we share a name, how chic) from Ivy Salon, an Aveda Salon, to thank. Her work is absolutely amazing, and I can’t stop tossing my curls. If you’re in the South and are looking for amazing color work, let me tell you Cara is your girl! Check out her Instagram, she’s an angel.

I’m off to Philadelphia this weekend, so get prepared for a fun shoot coming up, and of course stay tuned for what to wear to a Christmas Party and the best way to rock New Years sparkle!


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