Pumped Up Kicks

“A Girl Should be Two Things: Who & What She Wants.”
— Coco Chanel

Madame Chanel could not have said it any better, the only two things a girl should want to be is the best version of herself, because to quote a time old cliche, “everyone else is taken.” The best part about being yourself, is expresing that self, down to the core, the self that you want to be today. Maybe you’re feeling sporty or like you want to walk out of vogue, so decide what you want to wear today, a tulle skirt, or a pair of nike’s, but no matter what you wear, wear it with style, with class, and with pride.

This look is an everday look, it’s one that’s comfortable and practical, but just because it’s comfortable, doesn’t mean it isn’t fashion packed. My comfy days don’t consist of sweatpants and a sorority tee (that’s for the house) because you never know what life will throw at you, and I believe in being dressed to kill.

This outfit was so much fun! I started with my favorite pair of black chinos- from Urban Outfitters, so comfy. I rolled the pants at the ankle, to show off the clean lines of the nikes! I kept the look comfy, but cool, with a sweatshirt from H&M that featueres a hich neckline, and zipper detailing down the shoulders and sides. I topped it off with a huge trend for this season, a blanket cape that I picked up from T.J. Maxx.

One thing I never forget, is the jewlery. I love to accesorize, and accesoreis are really what pull the outfit together, I’m a huge ring addict, so I never leave without them, and I love the kind of pop earings can give! Here’s a close up of the sweatshirt’s detials, and of course my accesoreis!

So next time you’re gearing up for a comfy day, grab those items in your closet that are comfortable, that still make you feel special! You’re special, no sense in hiding it, dress to the nines, and never forget how fabulous you are, don’t be afraid to show it.


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