Fierce in Floral

“I love the person I’ve become because I fought to become her.”
— Kaci Diane

There are a lot of bloggers out there. There’s a lot of everything out there. There’s a lot of how-to’s on how to blog, how to do your hair, how to dress, and I’m one of them. There’s a lot of people, a lot of media, telling you to be a size two, telling you to be something.

But there’s also a #BodyPositive movement, a be yourself and embrace your curves movement, a love yourself with and without makeup movement. A be who you are, and a whatever you want to be, movement. I spend so much time serfing social media, the latest blogs, and a lot of time thinking about how much better that latest insta would look if I dropped a pants size, and then I remember. Why? Who am I trying to impress, who am I trying to make happy? Myself. I love brunches, and Southern comfort food, I love late night pizza, and tacos from the bar window at 2am after a night of dancing with the girls.

I love my curves, my short stature, my slightly uneven nose. Embracing the acne, the imperfections, it’s part of embracing me. I’m not a picture, I don’t live on Instagram, and neither does anyone else. I felt it was time for one of those blog posts, because I try to portray some perfectly currated Instagram/Blog/Clever Social — but I’m just a 22 year old girl figuring her life out one day at a time, and I’m okay with that, and for whoeever is reading this, I hope you are too. I’m not going to say I’m perfect the way I am; I’m growing, I’m trying to become a better, smarter, kinder person everyday. And moving towards that is perfect enough. A size two isn’t my goal, being a better human is. Okay, enough about that, now for the fashion!

I adore this outfit. It’s filled with super comfy pieces, which is something I always strive for, to be comfy no matter what I’m wearing. These are my favorite shorts, boyfriend fit, button up, casual. I paired them with my favorite t-shirt (which I own in four colors), my favorite aspect being the rough edge. I’m very into un-done hems right now, on jeans, shirts, or sleeves. My style is kind of a messy casual, a laid back kind of style with an edge of sophistication.

I topped this look with my favorite, printed blazer. I love this blazer because it’s lightweight and of course because of the fun print. I bought this blazer thanks to my favorite TV show, Younger. If you haven’t seen it you totally should, Hillary Duff, NYC, fashion, and books– need I say more? The blazer I’m wearing is House of Harlow, who knew? It’s currently sold out, but you can shop a similar look here.

Something I really want to highlight about this outfit are the shoes. They are probably the comfiest shoes I own, hence buying two pairs because I know I’ll wear them to death. They’re by favorite shoe designer, Jeffrey Campbell. I love his shoes because of the craftsmanship, genuine leather, and of course their unique flair. These are the Lakeside Loafers, which are available in a multitude of colors depending on where you shop, but the ones I purchased you can find right here. They’re going fast! They’re a beautiful grey suede, and you can read my review on the fit of the shoe on the website linked above!

And for the finishing touch on the outfit, I never forget my accessories. I get all my fave baubles from Rocksbox, which is basically the best service ever. You can use my code carabff43

for a FREE month! Try it out! I love a good bracelet, necklace, and ring stack, and felt no shame in piling it all on! I’m really into these delicate pieces, because I’m petite, and because they fit my understated aesthetic.

That’s all for this week Mimosa Girls! Thanks for reading, and make sure to follow me on Instagram! Check back next week for another outfit and more of my ramblings. Stay body positve, love yourself, and support each other. As the Great Queen Bey has said, “Who runs the world? Girls!”


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