Mixtail Monday

“Don’t Drink to Get Drunk. Drink to Enjoy Life.”
— Jack Kerouac

Let’s talk holidays. Holidays are great. They’re filled with sparkly outfits, delicious food, amazing candles, warm fires, good friends, and of course a little bit of alcohol.

This Sunday, I’m bringing you a special blog post, and getting back to the roots of Mirrors&Mimosas, after all my bio does say that I believe in starting everyday with a mimosa.

Today I’m bringing you ladies a comfy cozy outfit, perfect for Sunday brunch in the cold, holiday drinks with the girls, or the perfect un-tacky sweater outfit for that tacky sweater party. I mean c’mon who actually wants to spend money on an ugly sweater when you could steal the show? Trust me, wearing the cute sweater to the party works.

But, in addition to the outfit, I’m bringing you a mixtail recipe (a.k.a a totally banging cocktail). Here on the blog and of course the IG, I’m going to be running a new feature—once a month I’ll bring you Mixtail Mondays, which means one Monday of the month, I’ll be posting my signature drink of the month, perfect for sipping on with friends, with a good book, or while you get ready for a killer party.

Because this month is the first Mixtail Monday, I thought I’d kick it off with a blog post, but from now on the recipes will be on IG (@mirrorsandmimosas of course). This month’s recipe is perfect for those cold weather days, and is oh so Christmassy. When it’s cold out, I love something to warm up my belly, and this drink is perfect for the warm and tinglys! A simple take on apple cider, this bad boy can be prepared hot or cold. I sipped on it chilled before a dinner party.

To make today’s signature Mixtail Monday drink you’ll need:

– 1 Bottle of Whiskey Girl Apple and Maple

– 1 Jug/Bottle of Apple Cider (we’re talking the kind with mulling spices)

– 1 Pack of Cinnamon Sticks

– ½ Cup Cranberries for Garnish

I love the whiskey girl whiskey because it’s absolute perfection for the winter months, it’s not the knock your taste buds down your esophagus kind of whiskey, it’s smooth, well bodied, sweet and basically delicious. It’s enjoyable, and PERFECT for mixtails when you’re not looking to get some aggressive alcohol flavor assaulting your palate when you’re trying to get your drink on and stay classy.

To prepare the drink cold, simply add 1.5 ounces (or a shot) of whiskey girl, and top with as much cider as you’d like, pop in a cinnamon stick, swirl, and top with cranberries for a delightful garnish! To kick up the flavor of the drink, add ½ a shot of Whiskey Girl Apple and Maple and ½ a shot of Whiskey Girl Butterscotch—talk about drinking candy.

To prepare hot, grab yourself a pot and add the apple cider along with a few cinnamon sticks. Heat until warm and add alcohol to taste (really depends on how much cider). Don’t let this boil, simply heat it together for a few more minutes and voilà you’ve got a killer winter cider, ready for even your most discerning party guests.

Add a cute sweater, sparkly earrings, and killer shoes and you’re ready to dance the night away, drink in hand.

Also, because of requests, I will be posting makeup tutorials, AND a holiday gift guide. Most of those gift guides out there aren’t exactly feasible in terms of budget, so the Mirrors&Mimosas guide will help you find the perfect gifts, without breaking the bank.

Oh, and don’t forget to visit the IG today, because we’ve got a killer giveaway going on, that will help you bring this drink, and your holiday party to life!


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