Summer to Fall

“And All At Once Summer Collapsed Into Fall.”
— Oscar Wilde

Fall is coming, and like every other human, I am excited. Even here down in the South, I can feel it creeping it in. Temperatures are dropping from the 90’s into the low 80’s, the humidity is slipping away, night is coming sooner, and fall flavors are everywhere. It’s safe to say– I’m ready.

But, the tail end of summer is lingering, and that means it’s not quite sweater & leather season yet. So this post focuses on how to dress for these last few weeks! These pants are some of my absolute favorites (last season Zara) but I’ve linked some similar pairs. I love them because it adds a little spice to an outfit in an unexpected way, and in fall, I wear these all the time because they look amazing with an oversized sweater.

For this look, I paired this crepe pant with my favorite cami. The best part about this cami? It comes in three colors and it’s under $50! Total steal. You can never go wrong with a silky cami. It’s a great “going out top” without restricting to items in your wardrobe to purely ” going out” clothes.

I grabbed my favorite striped button-down and wore it like a jacket, and tied it up above the pant. Something about this outfit just looked unfinished with just the cami and the pant, so I knew it needed a third piece! I’m super into mixing patterns right now, and I loved the way the pant and this blouse looked together.

The key to mixing patterns is not that they’re similar in style but that they share colors. This works becasue the navy in the pant matches the navy stripes in the shirt. That’s how they tie together. The burnt orange of the cami compliments the orange in the pant, and I carry the color through to my shoes in a burnt orange, suede platform.

I also carried the navy color into my necklace, a choker, that also has beautiful beaded ends. This choker also comes in five colors, so you’re sure to find one that goes with your wardrobe!

I finished out the outfit with my Chloe bag, to add in that rich orange/brown/sueded texture once more.

This is an easy outfit to replicate, that you can probably recreate with items in your own wardrobe! It’s a fresh way to update a boring button-down, and play on the existing items in your wardrobe!

But, if you want to shop my look, I’m not stopping yah! Scroll below to shop these rad pieces!



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