Blue Jean Baby

“Insecurity is a Waste of Time.”
– Diane Von Furstenberg

Spring. It’s a time we get to start over. To renew. To be ourselves, or new selves, or dream selves. And it’s a time I decided to try again. To try blogging again. And I’ve said that what, ten times over? Because blogging isn’t easy. It’s demanding. It’s time consuming. And it opened the flood gates to self doubt. To comparison. To comparing myself to other women. To my own images. To drilling my worth down to brand appraisals and IG followings.

Go Ahead, Tiny Dancer. Get Shopping!

Shop the Accessories

And that’s sad. I thought I was ready, and I wasn’t. So I took a break. I realigned. Readjusted. And woke back up in time for spring. In time to try again. So I’m going to do things a little differently this time around. Bring a little more me. A little more “realness” (Jonathan Van Ness, I’m looking at you, honey).

So, here it is. Here’s me. And I’m going to do this the right way, my way, and if you’re here, reading this, somewhere in the universe. I hope you enjoy it. Be prepared for a lot of body positivity to meet more of my friends. See more of my life. Be invited to read with me (yeah, I’m a bookworm, a card caring nerd), to eat with me (celiac, IBS, acid reflux, auto-immune, dairy intolerant and all), to travel with me, and to experience this weird journey of life that, as a 20 something, I’m figuring out little by little. Day by day.

And here’s to more fashion. Or rather, style. Personal style. Style that I hope inspires you. So here’s to the blue jean babies, to my fellow Aries, to all the women out there waking up and kicking ass and taking names. To the women who empower women. To the women who are in each other’s corners. To the women who encouraged me to start again. To love myself.

And, to remember, as the great fashion god Stacey London said, “Fashion is not a reward for being skinny. Style isn’t the reward for working out forever and getting to the weight you want to be. Style is the tool to help you feel good any day, all the time.”


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